Enrichment Programmes

Pink Tower Montessori also offers a selective range of Montessori enrichment programmes.

With classes for children as young as 8 months to 9 years old, Pink Tower Montessori's enrichment programmes provide many opportunities for parents to start their child at a very young age with authentic, high-quality Montessori education.

  • Montessori Phonics & Reading Class
  • Montessori Mathematics Class
  • Holiday Programmes

Montessori Phonics & Reading
(3-9 years old)

Pink Tower Montessori's Phonics & Reading classes give children a solid foundation to good reading and pronunciation. With Montessori language materials and a good selection of quality reading materials, these lessons ensure an effective mastery of phonics.

Montessori Mathematics
(3-9years old)

Pink Tower Montessori's Mathematics class helps children to pick up mathematical concepts in a concrete and orderly manner. Using specially designed Montessori maths materials, children are introduced to simple concepts like number recognition to complex operations such as addition, multiplication, subtraction, division, fractions and time. Through hands-on activities, children are encouraged to develop in-depth understanding of concepts and to cultivate an intrinsic motivation for learning mathematics.

Holiday Programmes

  • Summer Holiday Programmes: June School Vacation
  • Winter Holiday Programmes: End Nov - Dec School Vacation

Pink Tower Montessori holiday programmes offer children a fun and educational way to jazz up their school holidays! From phonics & reading workshops to dance, art and cookery classes, our holiday programmes are packed with fun and exciting activities for every child!