At Pink Tower Montessori, we understand that high quality learning requires high quality space. We constantly record and study the relationship between space and learning to provide for the optimal conducive environment for learning; an environment where children will be able to co-construct together and be challenged to reach their full potential.

Our indoor classrooms reflect Montessori's concept of the prepared environment. Each classroom, it's furnishings and learning materials are purposefully designed to create an aesthetically beautiful environment that evokes a sense of wonder and is a place for discovery and exploration, thereby becoming the "third teacher".

We believe that the environment can be designed to communicate a message of welcome, of support, and of belonging. As such, both the schoool and playground have been constructed to assure a child-friendly environment, and our students arrive eager and happy to start the day. Our caring staff and small class sizes ensure that your child will be given the care needed during these very important formative years.

With the environment in place, our team works hard to ensure each visit is clean and safe for our children. Daily and weekly cleaning and sanitation helps keep things clean and neat, but that's not all. Parents can rest assure that our equipment and furniture were all selected with safety in mind.