The Pink Tower Curriculum

At Pink Tower Montessori, we are committed to providing high-quality holistic education, offering the best of Montessori, elements of the conventional approach, and selective best practices from early childhood education methods through on-going research and development.

Practical Life

The exercises of Practical Life are the foundation of a Montessori environment. There are four components in Practical Life exercises: Care of Self, Care of the Environment (indoor and outdoor), Social Grace and Courtesy, and Development of Motor Skills.

Through spontaneous and purposeful work with the Practical Life exercises, children develop control and coordination of movement, good work habits, responsibility, concentration and independence.

These activities also heighten children’s awareness of their environment and help them develop positive self images.

Sensorial Exercises

Children learn through their five senses. The primary purpose of sensorial exercises is to further refine the child’s senses of touch, taste, smell, sight and hearing. With the use of specially designed Montessori sensorial apparatus, children learn to order, relate, explore and classify their sense perception.

Besides helping children to be more sensitive to their learning environment, the sensorial materials also lay a foundation for later concepts in subjects like Mathematics, Geometry, Geography, Science, and Music and Art.

Montessori Language

A multi-sensory approach that combines phonics, stories and language experiences to bring meaning to the learning of reading and writing. Children do not learn by heart, but utilize all their senses to help them read and write with proper understanding.

Discovering language becomes interesting and fun through activities in the Pink, Blue and Green Montessori series. Grammar concepts are also taught to enhance the child’s attention to the use of words in everyday speech.

Montessori Mathematics

Montessori Mathematics is taught through the manipulation of concrete objects. With the many opportunities for hands-on experiences, children will be taught addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, the decimal system, number bonds and problem solving.

Cultural / Science

A. Nature Study

This includes the study of living and non-living things. Children will have the opportunity to explore and understand their environment.

B. Botany and Zoology

Children are exposed to the study of plants and animals. They will be taught to classify impressions into clear and simple categories.

C. Geography

In this topic, children will be introduced to the various continents, countries, states, land and water forms, and the solar system. This aims to inculcate a sense of wonderment and appreciation of our world’s physical environment.

D. History

Through creative activities such as modeling, painting and collage, children are taught to understand the distinction between past and present and how past events have led to present situations.

Bilingual Immersion Programme

"Little Mandarins"

Our "Little Mandarins" programme for children from Playgroup to Nursery Two introduces Chinese through play, interaction and creative activities. Here the focus is on getting children to acquire listening and simple reading skills, to motivate them to speak the language and to build a strong foundation for further development.

"Mandarin Scholars"

"Mandarin Scholars" is a carefully crafted programme to prepare our Kindergarten One and Two students for formal Chinese education in the primary schools. Keeping abreast of MOE guidelines, children will be guided in all aspects of the syllabus including listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

The Arts

"Arty Hands!"

To encourage children to express themselves, interesting and fun activities such as drawing, painting, collage work and handicraft will be planned for them. Through these guided activities, children will be able to experience success and this, in turn, will help boost their self-esteem.

Children's Cookery

"Gourmet Kids!"

Cookery sessions are a big hit with our little chefs! Here, the emphasis is on hands-on, messy ways to learn an important life skill. While the children learn to prepare food in a safe and fun environment, they are also introduced to new vocabulary and measuring concepts.

World Studies

"Little Globe Trekkers"

Pink Tower Montessori's "Little Globe Trekkers!" programme is a unique programme specially crafted to tie in with our school's emphasis on Montessori's Cultural / Science subjects. Through this "Little Globe Trekkers!" programme, we hope to better expose children to the world around them and encourage them to appreciate, respect and enjoy the diversity of life.

Green Studies

At Pink Tower Montessori, we believe in educating our children, even at their very young age, about important conservation issues.

Through this programme, we hope to develop a generation of global citizens who are knowledgeable about and inspired to take responsibility for the sustainability of the world.

The Green Studies programme aims to nurture in children a respect for and understanding of the natural world and to heighten children's awareness and appreciation of the environment. By emphasizing 'learning by doing' we strive to develop responsible green habits in these young children which will be with them for life.

Other Fun-Filled Activities:

  • Celebrations
  • Field Trips
  • Physical Play / Outdoor Play
  • Music & Movement
  • Year-End Concert